Detailed Breakdown of a NASCAR Pit Stop

These photos were taken during a pit stop by the Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet team for Kyle Larson during the Ally 400 at the Nashville Super Speedway. This was their second pit stop of the day and it occurred during the first stage break of the race.

Everything demonstrated in the photos below takes place in 12 seconds or less.

The No. 5 team had the last stall on pit road, or the first stall from the driver’s perspective.

Larson turns into the pit stall slowing from the pit road speed of 45mph.

Only five crew members are allowed across the pit wall during a pit stop. The jackman, tire carrier, and front tire changer will be the first over the wall. They must stay on or behind the wall until the car is one stall away.

The car has now come to a stop in the stall. The jackman is ready to lift the right side of the car while the front tire changer begins loosening the lug nut. The rear tire changer is rushing into position now that the car has stopped. The tire carrier drops off the front tire and begins moving toward the rear of the car with the second tire. The fuel man has engaged the gas can and begins filling the tank.

Notice that a sixth crew member is sometimes allowed over the wall for the sole purpose of removing a windshield tearaway.

Both tire changers are now engaged. The jackman is giving the jack a final pump to lift the right side of the car.

The tire carrier has now reached the rear of the car and begins positioning the tire in order to place it on the wheel after the rear tire changer removes the old tire.

The right side tires are now removed. The tire carrier will put the new rear tire in place while the jackman assists the front tire changer in doing the same.

Crew members on the other side of the wall are ready to roll the left side tires into place as the crew member dedicated to clearing the windshield tearaway has completed his work and heads back across the wall.

The right side tires are being put in place as the tire changers prepare to tighten the lugs.

Notice that the right front tire has been rolled away toward a crew member on the other side of the wall who is assigned to catch it and keep it controlled in order to avoid a penalty.

The tire carrier has inserted a tool into the rear window to make a chassis adjustment before carrying the discarded rear tire back across the wall.

The tires are changed on the right side. Note that the fuel man has begun to create space between himself and the car so that the rear tire changer will have room to sneak by and get into position.

The tire carrier has completed the chassis adjustment and prepares to carry the discarded right rear tire to the pit wall. The jackman has dropped the car and heads to the left side along with the front tire changer.

The fuel man has now created enough space for the rear tire carrier to get through while keeping the gas can engaged.

The rear tire changer has to duck, making sure not to dislodge the gas can. The tire carrier now has the tire and is ready to head around the front of the car.

The No. 6 car is coming into place so the tire carrier has to be careful not to get hit. The tire changers are beginning their work on the left side.

Left side lugs are being loosened. New tires are being rolled into place.

The jackman is preparing to lift the left side of the car.

The tire carrier has dropped off the discarded tire from the right side and now prepares to assist the front changer by placing the new tire on the wheel.

The left side of the car is now lifted and the old tires are about to be removed.

The jackman rolls the new rear tire into place as the tire changer removes the old one.

The new left side tires are going on. The fuel man uses his foot to guide the old tire to the awaiting crew member so it can be collected.

The tire changers are finishing up on the left side and the last of the fuel is going into the tank.

The jack is dropped. The tire changers and fuel man complete their work.

Larson drives away, making sure to clear the No. 6 car and its crew members.

The stop is all done as the crew chief and the spotter clear their driver to avoid a collision on pit road.

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