Rich’s Ramblings: “Real Racing” vs “Computer Racing”

Photo: @DennyHamlin on Twitter

From time to time I plan to drop in a brief(4-6 minutes) recording to offer a few thoughts. I plan to make most of these on the way to or from a race track on some topic that may be of interest but not necessarily for a written story.

This offering is about the recent firestorm that took place on social media as some drivers who race on the track took exception to the fact that others who race on a computer platform seem to be receiving attention from major NASCAR drivers and teams that the “real racers” rarely get.

In this edition of Rich’s Ramblings I’m joined by my son, Cody Allen, who is into gaming on racing related platforms. He is not, however, on the iracing¬†platform as he explains in the recording.

Just click the play button below to listen:

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