Bobby McCarty dominates CARS Tour LMSC race at Hickory

Bobby McCarty led all the way for the LMSC win

The Solid Rock Carriers CARS Late Model Stock Tour made its way to the Hickory Motor Speedway on Saturday evening for the Cloer Construction 250. Along with the CARS Super Late Model Tour, the two divisions would each contest 125-lap feature events to make up the full race distance. Bobby McCarty jumped to the lead at the start and would not be passed on his way to the win in the LMSC event that served as the night’s finale.

McCarty is the two-time and defending CARS Tour LMSC champion.

In previous years, this race has featured a throwback theme with cars decorated in wraps resembling those of famous racers from the past. However, CARS Tour officials opted not to employ that theme in 2020 due to the uncertainty related to COVID-19.

Mini Tyrrell was fastest in Late Model Stock Car qualifying on Saturday afternoon around the .363-mile paved oval when he turned a lap in 15.277 seconds to beat out Bobby McCarty, Brandon Pierce, Jonathan Shafer, Layne Riggs, Connor Mosack, Corey Heim, Trevor Ward, Justin Johnson and Craig Moore.

McCarty immediately went to the lead at the start of the 125-lap feature with Tyrrell, Pierce, Shafer and Mosack trailing. Shafer went on the move early as he passed by Pierce to take third on lap 3. Mosack and Pierce then fought over the fourth position with Pierce eventually holding the spot.

Mosack then fell back into the clutches of Ward and Heim who both moved by the JR Motorsports No. 88 machine on lap 10 to take fifth and sixth respectively on lap 10.

By lap 15 it appeared as if the top-5 of McCarty, Tyrrell, Shafer, Pierce and Ward were content to hold station and ride. However, Heim took the the high side of the track on lap 17 and disputed those plans by moving from sixth to fourth.

Side-by-side action continued on lap 25 as Pierce fought with Tyrrell for second while Ward looked inside of Heim for fourth. Tyrrell was able to beat back the challenge on his position in the running order but Heim was forced to give way to Ward.

Successive yellow flags on lap 33 and 35 for spins by Blake Stallings and Ronald Hill slowed the action briefly.

By lap 50 the top-5 of McCarty, Tyrrell, Shafer, Ward and Heim ran in tight formation and looked to get away from the rest of the field. However, on lap 55 the No. 78 of Heim got loose in turn four and dropped several positions before regaining control.

The status quo remained the same within the top-4 during the middle segment of the race as McCumbee and Mosack battled for fifth.

Following a lap 74 restart Mosack would come up to fourth but another caution on lap 81 for a mishap involving Tyler Mathews again slowed the pace.

Over the closing laps, McCarty pulled away building a lead of almost a full straightaway while Fryar began to climb up the leader board. Fryar passed by Ward, Mosack and eventually Tyrrell on lap 108 to ultimately make his way up to the runner-up spot.

But it would be McCarty who would eventually beat the pack to the finish line to collect the win.

Feature Finish: 1. Bobby McCarty, 2. Jared Fryar, 3. Mini Tyrrell, 4. Trevor Ward, 5. Chad McCumbee, 6. Sam Butler, 7. Connor Mosack, 8. Corey Heim, 9. Justin Shafer, 10. Nolan Pope, 11. Matt Cox, 12. Brandon Pierce, 13. Blake Stallings, 14. Deac McCaskill, 15. William Cox III, 16. Gage Painter, 17. Jonathan Findley, 18. Jessica Cann, 19. Ronald Hill, 20.  Justin Johnson, 21. Justin Carroll, 22. Layne Riggs, 23. Tyler Mathews, 24. Craig Moore 

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