Photos from the PASS Easter Bunny 150 at Hickory

Here are photos from the Pro All Star Series sanctioned Easter Bunny 150 for Super Late Models at Hickory Motor Speedway on April 20, 2019. The photos are placed in order of their finish for each driver.

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1st- Derek Ramstrom

2nd- Mike Hopkins

3rd- Brandon Setzer

4th- Travis Stearns

5th- Justin Crider

6th- Bubba Pollard

7th- Gracie Trotter

8th- Trey Jarrell

9th- Stephen Nasse

10th- Nicholas Naugle

11th- Preston Peltier

12th- Jerrick Johnson

13th- Corey Heim

14th- Trey Bayne

15th- J.P. Josiasse

16th- Molly Helmuth

17th- Tate Fogleman

18th- Matt Craig

19th- Wyatt Alexander

20th- Travis Benjamin

21st- Jared Irvan

22nd- Jason Stanley

23rd- Bronson Butcher

24th- Kodie Conner

25th- Jett Noland

26th- Kyle Plott

27th- Wes Burton

28th- Jake Johnson

29th- Derek Griffith

30th- Ben Rowe

31st- Ray Christian III

32nd- Devin O’Connell

33rd- Christian Rose

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